Nudient - Thin iPhone 12 Pro Case V3 - Ink Black

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Our goal is to protect your phone with the most precise case ever made, we want to keep the original design and feeling when using it and pressing the buttons.
  • Nudient Magnets

    Built in thin auto adjust magents

  • Thin Design

    Fits seamlessly with your phone

  • Smooth Grip

    Comfortable to hold yet easy to slide into your pocket

  • Strong Construction

    Protect all four edges and the camera. Now with fabric inside the case

Safe Shopping

The most accurate thin case ever made for phones?

Engineered with precise minimal design and thin premium feeling

Easy-to-slide into your pocket with nudient signature smooth grip

The case is coated with 3 layers of rubberized material for increased grip. Comfortable to hold yet easy to slide into your pocket.

Designed by Jesper Ståhl

Our latest creation in collaboration with the award winning designer Jesper Ståhl.

Built in auto adjust magnets

Allowing Nudient signature magnet products to be effortlessly removed and re-attached to your case. 

Carefully selected colors based on customers feedback

We have expanded the collection of colors to fit every customers taste.